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Who we are

Salted Metals has over 35 years experience in the architectural sheet metal custom fabrication manufacturing industry. Salted Metals specializes in metal roofing and wall panel systems and have the capabilities to do several roof / wall panel profiles in a wide variety of materials that are stocked inventory . Salted Metals custom fabrication department specializes in custom bent flashing and trims [ wall cap / copings , roof flashings , wall panel system flashings , rain gutter , collector boxes , custom downspouts ] for your projects with short lead times .

We offer a wide range of chimney hoods, bay window roof coverings, exterior window awnings, custom chimney pots, range hoods , ect …. For your home or business.Our focus is on quality and every piece is art and will bring beautiful character to any home or business!

Our promise

Our Services

Stand out - Be different

Roll Forming

Manufacture Direct Roofing / Wall Panel Systems [ Several Panel Profiles To Choose ]

Custom Fabrication

Chimney Hoods/ Caps / Pans - Bay Window Roofs - Copulas - Finials - Interior / Exterior Range Hoods - Fireplace Hoods - Collector Boxes - Etc.

Full Service Sheet Metal Shop

Bending / Folding - Shearing / Cutting - Welding - CNC Fiber Laser - CNC Routering

Design and Consulting Service

Provide Knowledge Of Roofing / Wall Panel Systems - Architectural Metal Interior / Exterior Accessories For Home / Business

Installation Referrals

We can provide you with a qualified sub-installation company that are highly skilled in the installation of Salted Metals Products


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Salted Metals Architectural Metals & Supply's

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Based on 14 reviews
Steven Finley
Steven Finley
"Salted Metals” exceeded our expectations with their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in creating our metal roof in Apollo Beach, Florida. The seamless collaboration between Salted Metals, All Pro Roofing, Sheffield Metals, and Sharkskin underlayment resulted in an outstanding final product that not only enhances the aesthetics of our home but also provides unparalleled durability and protection. From the initial consultation to the final installation, Salted Metals demonstrated professionalism and expertise, ensuring that every step of the process was completed with precision and care. Their team of experts exhibited a deep understanding of their craft, offering valuable insights and recommendations that contributed to the overall success of the project. The quality of the materials used by Salted Metals, including those from All Pro Roofing, Sheffield Metals, and Sharkskin underlayment, is evident in the final result. Our metal roof not only looks stunning but also provides us with peace of mind knowing that it is built to last. We are incredibly satisfied with the workmanship and service provided by Salted Metals and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a metal roofing solution. Thank you, Salted Metals, for transforming our home and exceeding our expectations!"
Kaleb Washburn
Kaleb Washburn
Very good to work with helped me out with a very short timeline will use again for sure
josh gustaveson
josh gustaveson
The owner and his team are very knowledgeable in the sheet metal industry and have been doing it for a long time. Salted metals has helped us on many of our projects and we can always count on them delivering a quality product on time. I would definitely recommend them.
Mike Wamsley
Mike Wamsley
When you need a knowledgeable sheet metal fabricator that has your best interest in mind, the experience to see through and help eliminate costly scenarios along with relationships to help bring in materials that are not always the typical offerings, call on these guys... Homie & Manny have come through on many jobs for me over the years... Not sure why I haven't been on here to give the deserved accolades before now. Thanks much!!
Bryce Rose
Bryce Rose
We have used Salted Metals for quite a few projects, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great metal shop.
Leslie Sheppard
Leslie Sheppard
Homie has been wonderful to work with! He does what he says, calls back promptly and has great connections. He is creative and does beautiful work. So refreshing!
James S
James S
We have worked with David for many years, Salted Metals has always been top notch! They always make sure we are taken care of with all our metal roofing needs from standing seam, custom flashing, and wall cap. Highly recommend.
Troy Hendrickson
Troy Hendrickson
We have been using David at "Salted Metals" for over 20 years. He has always done top notch work for us. Couldn't recommend him enough! If you can't settle for anything but the best give Dave "Homie" a call!
Sara Green
Sara Green
Great customer service with quality work! Definitely recommend!

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